Monday, 31 December 2007

Norweigan content and link

Here are some more Norwegian fanzines that are for free download on Requiem Productions blog.

Here are the direct links; (there was no zine issues between #3 and #44, only cassettes [to download on the link above], posters, poem collections etc)

Fanz magazine #1-3 (One, Two, Three)

Requiem #1-3 + 44 (One,, Two, Three and 44.)

Thanks Tore for this!

Flipside 1 August 1977 USA

Germs, Clash etc. 20 pdf pages in toto. Click away to the reading room.

More info here on the zines official website. Thanks Mike for sending this in.

Sneak preview of some ideas for design of website...

...perhaps a bit tacky what with scissor and glue approach in these high-tech days? I have done lots of stuff like this to scan in and use to build the website - sure userfriendlyness may be the most important thing but, hey!, this is so much fun to do that....oh well...

Wednesday, 26 December 2007


this is no zine - this is a book! a book about "THE BLOODY RISE OF THE SATANIC METAL UNDERGROUND" and as it´s X-mas it think it fits! even when I couldn´t find much I would consider satanic! stupid, yes! - satanic, no! some of the guys interviewed in this book come from a PUNK background (even when most of them don´t say anything about their past predating their involvement in the BLACK METAL scene in this book) I found this book very interesting especaly the parts dealing with the political worldviews of those guys!

Tuesday, 25 December 2007


while Hr. Burgher is off I´ll come back! expect some new zine uploads within the next few days!

Friday, 14 December 2007

666 1/2 #8

Until Slobodan returns with his promised surprise fanzines, I’ll kill time by posting another British ‘zine I really liked. 666 ½ was a nice mixture of silly humor and decent band coverage: here you got Destroy!, Blind Justice, Flame On! & Svart Snö. The sport piece brings me back to 1990 (when the zine was published) and the disapointment of Argentina losing the World Cup final to Germany. I remember also John Yates putting that tragic event in his MRR top 10 list and how much I wanted to punch him for that! But well, I guess that is just jealousy from his part, since Argentina had THE BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER EVER. But why the hell I’m talking about football here?

666 1/2 #8

I shall be temporarily off-line for a week...

Just to let you all know that I will continue to be off-line for another week or so. The internet here has fallen off its infrastructure and I am cursing it will full swagger. Many thanks for all comments and uploads etc sent to me. This will indeed be dealt with, responded to etc as soon as I can. Your truly, Herr Burgher

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Skate Muties From The 5th Dimension #9

This is a really cool lil’ zine outta Bristol, UK. It has a short interview (?) with Sore Throat, a “feature” on Crucial Youth, as well as humorous/ weird rants, gossip, reviews and more. If I remember right, Rev.Norb (Suburban Mutilation, Boris The Sprinkler) said in an interview with MRR that Skate Muties was a rip-off of his early 80’s zine “Sick Teen” and that it was done by people from Chaos UK. At one point, the name changed to “Bugs And Drugs” - I will post the 4 or 5 issues I have of said ‘zine in some weeks. If you know more, please send your comments.

Skate Muties From The 5th Dimension #9