Friday, 14 December 2007

666 1/2 #8

Until Slobodan returns with his promised surprise fanzines, I’ll kill time by posting another British ‘zine I really liked. 666 ½ was a nice mixture of silly humor and decent band coverage: here you got Destroy!, Blind Justice, Flame On! & Svart Snö. The sport piece brings me back to 1990 (when the zine was published) and the disapointment of Argentina losing the World Cup final to Germany. I remember also John Yates putting that tragic event in his MRR top 10 list and how much I wanted to punch him for that! But well, I guess that is just jealousy from his part, since Argentina had THE BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER EVER. But why the hell I’m talking about football here?

666 1/2 #8

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kabukiboy said...

i remember steve from 6661/2. i think i still have a copy of this issue here somewhere!