Tuesday, 27 November 2007

In The Shadows of B23 (Greece, May 1991)

7INCHCRUST instant message:

Here's "In the shadows of B23" zine, #5, from May 1991. It included a 7" for free (not included in download). A grand 39 Mb - sorry for using rapidshare.. :/

Click here!

Thanks 7Inchcrust!

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Le Jeune said...


Nice blog, I juts discover it.
I'm running a free downloadable fanzine called (I translate, because I'm french and this is in french of course) "Punk Post Punk and other insignificant phenomenons", aka PPPzine.

This is - well I hope - made in a punk spirit, with a lot of stupid humour and bad jokes, and I mainly talk about punk, post-punk, noise, etc, everything that pleases me today. Sometimes when I get interviews of english people, this is let both in english and french.

So I don't know if it can suit to your blog, but feel free to steal it if you want, it's on and