Tuesday, 13 November 2007

"Did Erich Keller shoot J.F.K.?"

Traitor 2 (USA) = A fatted-up issue which will hold a real man on the can for at least half an hour (and using the zine for toilet-paper!!!). This fanzine is from the USA and is made by one of the halfwits that produced the rag known as Barfu's Funhouse (see below). It includes interviews with Fear of God, Protes Bengt and much much more. You need this.

Click here.


Zach said...

Fucking awesome! Some quality reading in these pages.

Also, I've scanned a bunch of zines if you're interested in using them for this blog. Mostly underground noisecore zines, but if you're interested let me know. I have a bunch of punk zines that I'll probably scan eventually too.

Slobodan Burgher said...

Yes, Zach we would like you to help out. Noisezines or punkzines eitehr way we'll take it!

So you can either upload to for e.g. divshare and then write a comment here with some info about the zine and the download link and we'll take care of it...

...or you can do the same but by emailing me on slobodanburgher (a)

...or indeed you can send me the zines by snail-mail (email me and I'll give the address).


Sean said...

BAD LINK!!!! :(

Slobodan Burgher said...

link works.

DANE said...

greetings from manila, philippines! this page is such a helpfull one! anyone has old HA zine issues and also short fast loud indeed! thanks!


Anonymous said...

Can you please re-upload on

THX 1138!

Anonymous said...

Could you please re-upload zine on

THX 1138!