Sunday, 11 November 2007

"Chaos System"

Good name for a zine or a band?

Anyway, no zines in this post I am afraid. Just a few words to update those of you who are manically obsessively watching this site in hope of salvaltion (me included).

I have some zines that I'll scan as soon as I have a second (including some sent by Sean from Damaging Noise blog, IN HARDCOPY!!). From what I can gather from the contributors some are experessing computer problems, lifeproblems, traveling, and/or are simply chewing the fat (like me). But there'll be a bunch of updates this coming week so don't worry.

More importantly, the idea of this archive is STRICTLY ON A LONG TERM OPERATION, mate. That means that what you see here will be available for as long as the internet is around. And in this context I must admit that there is a lot of work still to do with the website which will one fine day take the place of this blog, but fear not it is rolling on slowly but surely...

I have also starting working on a completely far-out 1981 / 1982 STUDS BRISTLES HARDONS and MOHIKAN fanzine which may or may not become a new title or simply a continuation of one or the other of the circa 100 farebrained zines that I have done already. Expect the usual suspects mentioned at Only In It For The Music. (This zine will naturally be up here as soon as it is done, fuck that money making shit yo!)

...and I was thinking of Punks Is Hippies The Zine as a name but perhaps that is too pretentious? Perhaps will stay with Chaos System or Glue System for now....

Ok, stay free

Thanks for all the help and interest so far, it is obviously highly appreciated,

Tony / Slobodan Burgher

ps. if you would like to be added as contributor or help by sending scanned iamges/files of fanzines or hardcopies of fanzines xeroxed or original, new zines old zines, zines in Chinese or in Finnish, please drop me a lin at SlobodanBurgher (at) gmail (dot) com or drop a line in the comments. ds


Slobodan Burgher said...

From Cult Punk:

"By all means check out the KILL YOUR PET PUPPY online punk ‘zine. Great stuff — loads of it. Hard to know where to begin. Scans of old issues of punk mags from the 80s."

Sean said...

I'm surprised this site doesn't have as many hits as DxN (I dunno how I got the hits either...I'm only linked on like 3 blogs), as you'd think people's rectums were prolapsing all over their keyboards at the INSANE amount of u/g zines on here.

I think "Punks Is Hippies...The Zine" is a fine idea...fuck what people create in their minds what is "pretentious" or not. Only ONE life to live, and you have a right to express it in any way you choose! --S

Slobodan Burgher said...

Sean - Yeah but that's a good thing, no too many visitors - less spam that way. Plus, is bound to pick up soon. I know a few tricks to help the numbers go up...but this is still in alpha-stages (or version 1.1 lol) so no hurry...

Thanks for the heads on the zine, i just noticed that I had an officially endorsed BIO of the singer from the Stalin in my inbox from last year which I never used so now I have to make zine (+ rob baron interview and supposedly some more shit on the way with "various artistes")

ok, now to scan your shit....


mark said...


Sorry for delay but finally got round to doing the Raising Hell fanzines.
Links are
Issue 7
Issue 8
Issue 9
Issue 10
Issue 11
Issue 13

Cheers Mark