Thursday, 18 October 2007

Punks Not Dead Magazine UK 1980 (Sounds)

Apologies for the missing files (Sika Apara 2 and maybe more). This is due to Massmirror and everyone knows that it has died a viking death recently.

Here is PUNKS NOT DEAD MAGAZINE from 1980. It is done by the boring people who did SOUNDS. The writing is disgustingly small-minded establishment shit, in my honest opinion, and seems to want to frame the punk narrative around the criteria of Evening Standard and, like, watching football.

But the pictures are great!


Balthasar Bjornkvist said...

This one is great, despite the problems you mentioned. Cheers!

John Liedown said...

But like you say the pictures are great. Which was why mine ended up cut up and stuck over my wall at the time. Still have a few pages hanging round. Great to see it as a whole again. And what a fantastic cross word!