Sunday, 21 October 2007


Having read many 'extreme' magazines, it always brought a wry smile to my face when I see Phoenix Militia mentioned in such mythical and hushed tones... it is my belief that many of the people who mention the magazine are actually too young to have actually seen it, never mind had the opportunity to read i

This is issue number 8 - the final issue to be made by Bill and Pek (Pek was a local scene guru who organzied many a death metal/hardcore gig here in Liverpool). At the time of printing, Bill had joined Napalm Death as a stand-in guitarist until a permanent player could be found (Bill had his own band commitments with CARCASS at the time) and the amount of mail he was receiving week by week for both bands as well as P.M. was beyond intense by anyone's standards! Cover art drawn by Jeff Walker, Bill's counterpart in Carcass and who also drew the cover for ND's first lp 'Scum'

Being a friend of Bill's I am sure he wont mind me bringing his work to the net. This site is strictly non-profit (as are all of my sites) and is purely a mark of admiration for the man. Every person who makes it to this site should recognize the fact that death metal has had a very hard upbringing and it has come down to individuals like Bill to make the commitment needed to ensure that death metal was never just a passing fad in the history of music, but a living breathing entity that is still making waves today

Not all death metallers are completely stupid, but may I add just this one cautionary note: Writing to any of the bands addresses displayed within is both futile and a tad silly, so have some tact please and don't waste your own time. Lastly, if you feel the need to contact me you may do so:


Sean said...

Haha, actually have a hardcopy of this...would have loved to see the others!

Slobodan Burgher said...

Yeah, this is issue 8. Would be cool to see others...

I like this because it has Deviated Instinct in it.

mark said...

I thought I had a Phoenix From The Crypt which I think was the forerunner to Phoenix Militia but can't find it now.

Here are 2 more for you
Hit Ranking was written by the drummer for Lost Cherrees.
Wake Up is great but I failed to get any other issues so if anyone else has them would love to see them. You might notice poet Porky which was actually Phil Jupitus.


Anonymous said...

I downloaded this keeping my fingers crossed and was relieved and very excited when i found out the link was still alive.. Thanks a Bunch for this man.. This Blog is so great.. Its like a blast from the past for me !!! Yeah Im an Old Head !!

Skully said...

This link is dead. i would love to read this.