Sunday, 14 October 2007

Norweigan Zines

This version of "79 Kriser" is a re-print of several old zines that came out in the early 1980's. It was included in the LP version of "Anarki og Kaos" -the Norweigan complation of first generation punk / KBD-bands.

79 Kriser (Pdf)

Here's another zine from the west-Noweigan town of Stavanger:

Sus over Stavanger No. 1 1982 (Pdf)

Thanks to Kjell Arne for sending me these! Hope to see some more Norweigan zines soon! The image above is of the editor of 79 kriser (according to this Norweigan website).


Kjelli said...

Trygve Mathisen is publisher of many zines, had his own tape label "likvider", singer of Squirms,Lik and YM:Stammen and publisher of the book "tre grep og sannheten-Norsk punk 1977-1980" (

NXP said...

It is 79 kriser scan on the Sus Over Stavanger PDF link