Thursday, 18 October 2007

Massproduktion 1 & 2 (Sweden, 1980)

To me personally, Swedish record label Massproduktion will always be in my mind remembered in connection to the bunch of great records released on behalf of one of my favorite bands, KRUNCH.

However, for most Swedes the label will be remembered for that hopelessly annoying happy punk pub rock band called RASTA HUNDEN. How many times have I suffered the album played by people at parties? 1000 times maybe? And this people who normally listen to punkmusic, I should add. The name kind of translates to "Take The Dog For A Walk" but is obviously also a play on the word rasta, but whatever. My point is that I seem to be the only sane person left in the world to hate this absolutely disgusting band...

But that is not why I am posting, ha ha. I am posting because I saw a website called Punksvall and it is an archive resource site for the first wave punk scene in Swedish town Sundsvall. It is very good indeed and packed with stuff like info and photos as well as MP3s (under 'Arkiv') that will satisfy those who are incurable hunters of digital KBD-shit. Also you will find fanzines which brings me here tonight, Johnny.

The record label mentioned above started out as a fanzine and I took the liberty to transcribe the two issues from the website above into one simple downloadable folder. And as I insist, I am not ashamed either. The first issue is very KBD (lol) but the second one is sudden all CRASS. Ha. Great. I love it.

Grab them here:

Massproduktion 1 & 2 (Sweden, 1980)

Or click here to read online. I prefer to be able to download the whole bag and then print the fucking thing instead...

And what is up with comments anyway? The Kitten claims we're in the 2000s already and the blogs only been here a few weeks. Jesus, dear visitor, don't be shy now.

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