Thursday, 11 October 2007

Ink Disease #14

I wish I had some earlier issues of this great LA fanzine, but for now, issue #14 of Ink Disease will have to do. Although here the focus seems to be already shifting from hardcore towards other directions, it still includes interesting interviews with some classic bands like The Dickies, Angry Samoans, Naked Raygun and Nomeansno. Sent to me for free by the nice ID editors, it was also my first exposure to the great Savage Republic, which may not be punk or hardcore but released some amazing records nevetheless.

Ink Disease #14


Juan Duque said...

Hey!! Thanks so much for this. When i was in my mid teens, there were 3 zines i used to buy religiously. One was MRR, the other, Flipside, and the third was Ink Disease. I wish i still had all of my old copies!! Thanks again, from Colombia.

eric said...

I used to love this zine, I wish I still had copies to scan, but they were lost/destroyed during one of our many moves.

Anonymous said...

Please re-post.

Mike E.

Slobodan Burgher said...

thanks for teh comment Mike E, yeah this will be reposted once I work through all that needs to be reupped. Stay tuned.