Friday, 19 October 2007


Another nice 1980’s ‘zine from the UK, issue 6 of Artcore features interviews with some good to great hardcore and punk bands such as Life Cycle, Urgent Fury, Spermbirds, Corrosion Of Conformity, Dan and the Cowboy Killers (a personal fave of mine, their two 12”s and first 7”s were awesome and are still totally underrated). There’s also some art, reviews, etc.



John Liedown said...

Inspired! I just posted a couple of Coboy Kileers demos over at mine. Grab if you want.

Slobodan Burgher said...

Yeah, direct link to the post with Cowboy Killers demos:

I am grabbing these now...

Thanks John / Baltazar

Balthasar Bjornkvist said...

Hi John and thanks for the demos! In fact, I have them somewhere on a tape sent to me by Beddis himself, but I guess I'll be listening to them more now that I'll have them on a digital format (my tape player is shit). My friend used to correspond with their drummer (Kip)and thanks to him and the tapes he sent we got exposed to TONS of great (then at least) obscure hardcore stuff. But I think he quitted or got sacked from the band after the 2nd 12". The Cowboy Killers CD released in the mid-90's was unfortunately not that good but still could not destroy their awesome legacy.

I still think that there is a lot of amazing HC made in the UK in the late 80's that remains pretty underrated, CK may have been among the best but there were still other great bands such as Bad Beach (their 2nd LP, "cut it off")Force Fed (both 12"s), Pleasant Valley Children (the 7" is a fucking killer record and the closest a band got to Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers' type of insanity/intensity), Concrete Sox (especeally "sewerside" LP), Intense Degree, Joyce McKinney Experience, etc etc etc.
In any case, thanks a lot for the demos!

John Liedown said...

Bit of Joyce Mckinney over here funnily enough.

rayss said...

can you reup this please

colette said...

Seconded, please re-up this!