Thursday, 25 October 2007


"where did i had these shit forgotten? ok, here's another bunch of zines: 2 issues of "Horis Kanona"(Without order) zine (GR)and 2 issues of "Negro Zine"(GR) along with Nyctophobia a black metal zine from Finland and 1 issue of Protest Zine (Ireland) and Hell Fire For Fucker zine # 2 from Florida USA

ps1: i haven't red Nyktophobia zine but there s somewhere inside a pic of a band with one of the guys wearing a t-shirt with the well known little man throwing a swastika thrown into the trash can, so it looks ok to me to upload it..

ps2:Without Order is not only punk zine:it has articles about Modern English / Zounds / Subhumans / New Order / Generation of Chaos (punk ) / Raining Pleasure / Tuxedomoon / Dead Moon / Empathy / Pink Floyd / Smash Rec. / R.Kern / Deus x Machina (greek punk)/

coming up:the legendary "in the shadows of B53 zine from 1991"


Slobodan Burgher said...

ANyone wanna have a go at this:

It is just one entry at the quirky/rubbish/useful wikipedia for fanzines.

Some entries on zines listed include links to websites where the zines or archives are held.

You can search on band names too, which is cool. The link above is for a zine which promises something on Discharge...


mark said...


Here are a couple more for you. These were written by mainly by Tim who also drew the cover drawings for Disorder's Under The Scalple Blade and Gi Faen I Nasjonaliten Din. There were also contributions by Taf from Disorder and Gabba from Chaos UK amongst others.

Panfletos Subversivos said...

Nice Blog!!!

HardCorePunkCrust Blog from Argentina

Anonymous said...

check out this old noise grind band from Canada.. around in 2000 only.
Anal Twitch

Anonymous said...

the link is dead. Is there any chance you could re-upload this one?