Wednesday, 24 October 2007

2 More.

Hit Ranking was written by the drummer for Lost Cherrees. As you see from cover above this is a fucking super cool fanzine.Download here.

"Wake Up is great but I failed to get any other issues so if anyone else has them would love to see them. You might notice poet Porky which was actually Phil Jupitus. (see below)" Download Here.



John Liedown said...

Nice one this. Ad Nauseam! Yay I was at the gig their talking about. Icons Of Filth were called Corruption at the time & played as well.

mark said...


Try this link
for the Wake Up fanzine


Slobodan Burgher said...

Mark - That's the one. Cheers.

Here is a cool website I would like to draw people's attention to: . It has archives of old stuff by a zine called MANGELSLAKT and you can read interviews with CFDL, Disclose, Cluster Bomb Unit etc.

If anyone knows of similar websites please let us know as it certainly adds to the archive!

7inchcrust said...

Here's a few zine wesites:
Immigrant zine
Fragments zine
Mountza zine
Smashed Images
Word And Stuff